Causes Of Dry Skin

Just everyday simple things cause dry skin. It can result in hot showers, using harsh soaps or probably the wrong type of clothing. Also, medications can cause the skin to dry. It is crucial to know the cause of your dry skin so as you can be able to treat it.

Dry skin can develop anywhere-most frequently on the hands, abdomen, arms, hands, lower legs, or quite regularly you just feel it rather of seeing it. It can cause the skin seem gray on individuals with dark skin and lead to self-consciousness and shame about their look. Since outside factors cause the majority of these kinds of skin difficulties, it can be treated externally. The following are causes of dry skin.

Hot Showers & Baths

shower headProlonged exposure to hot water will clean away all the natural oils which preserve your skin though we all like hot, comforting baths or showers. If your skin appears tight when you get out of the tub, this means it is dried out. Deciding to shower over a bath will ease and utilizes less water. But also try taking one with warm water and decrease the period of your shower. When you are done, use a moisturizer and pat your body dry while the skin is lightly damp.

Dry Air

Dry air is apparently the most popular cause of dry skin, and winter just increases the problem. Not only is the cold winter air accountable for dehydrating your skin, but the dry temperature in your home is also to accuse. To prevent the effect of dry air, apply a skin moisturizer and think of using a humidifier in your home. Reducing the thermostat will also assist. However, this isn’t only a winter obstacle; air conditioning in the season has the same drying result as a heater.

SoapSoap bars

Soap is one of the significant culprits of dry skin. Some soap has harsh detergents, and when used they strip the skin dry. Unless you have a dirty job, you’re not running to get all that dirty throughout the day. Scrubbing yourself down doesn’t mean cleaning up. The individual parts of your body that may require soap are hands, feet, underarm and groin. The other parts of the body need a good cleaning and wash.

Scratchy Clothing

You may need to consider looking for something else if fabric itches when you try it on. If it itches while it’s new, it will most reasonable always itch, and that’s just an annoyance to your skin. Dry skin is already delicate so why expose your skin to disturbing clothing? Tight clothing can also provide to dry, hypersensitive skin and enhance the skin tenderness and itchy feeling.