Eye Makeup Tips And Tricks

Eye makeup makes the eyes pop and improves the beauty of the eye. With proper use of eye makeup, bigger eyes get more richness and depth while smaller eyes will look larger. The following are tips for eye makeup application.

Color Blending

The reason for eye makeup is to brighten your eyes, and they stand out amongst other facial features. This is Makeup achievable by utilizing the correct shade of eyeshadow and making sure it blends correctly around the eyes.

To stand out use a color that contrasts with your eyes but it’s nice to use a color that matches your eye color. Try your best to avoid matching colors that make your eyes disappear.

Eyeshadow consists of three colors which are a slightly darker color for the shadow, a lighter base color and a darker shade highlighter for the creases around your eyes. Remember to blend the colors well to make all this work.

Applying Eye Makeup

woman applying mascara Begin by applying makeup for your eyes followed by applying foundation on your face. Start with the eyes and work your way. In doing so, you will know where you have applied makeup and where you have not.

Use the eye shadow base color after you are done with the foundation. Then now use the primary color of your eyelids. Then finally apply the highlighter. Make sure you use the highlighter correctly for eyes not to be huge. Blend all the three eyeshadow colors to the transition, to look seamless.

You can now begin putting other elements of your eye makeup that are applied to the eyelashes and eyebrows after you are done with the eye shadow. Do not neglect your eyebrows when putting on the makeup as they give character to your eyes. Brush then by using a brow brush and shape them by using eyeliner. Make sure you eye shadow matches with the shade of your mascara.

Apply mascara perfectly as it will aid your eyes to stand out considerably particularly if you have smaller eyes. Mascara thickens and lengthens the eyelashes. But ensure you use an eyelash curler to so that you cannot mess up your carefully matched eye shadow.

Aiming for balance is an important makeup tip. I think you have seen ladies who have done a lot of eyeshadow, lipstick, and makeup which does not seem to balance in the right way. Keep a toned makeup if you are wearing a bright red lipstick. If you insist on wearing lipstick also complement it with eyeliner and mascara as red lipstick stands out considerably.