Anal Bleaching Guide

Anal bleaching has become a very popular trend, especially among the ladies. With each passing day, more women are drawn to it due to the incredible results it has on them. Surprisingly enough, it is gaining popularity among the men as well. Anal bleaching is a procedure that involves the lightening of the skin surrounding the anus. You can decide to either have it done at the salon or spa or better yet, you can carry out the procedure by yourself at home. The do-it-yourself is a more preferred option because one get to handle the procedure by themselves after all, who knows you better than you?

Anal Bleaching

What Exactly Is Anal Bleachingwoman with green bikini

As mentioned earlier, it is the lightening of the skin around your anus and the anus itself. It is a procedure that must be done with utmost care and precision because there are necessary precautionary measures that must be put in place. For example, pay attention to the products you use because any wrong move may lead to irreparable damage to your skin. The skin on the anus is so sensitive and must be treated as such.

How To Go About The Anal Bleaching Procedure

The procedures vary depending on where you want it done. If you opt for the treatment at a salon or spa, there are anal bleach gel, creams, and ointments that are safe to use because they only contain nothing but nature’s finest ingredients. This means no harmful bleaching agents that will leave you with painful wounds around your lower region. If you prefer to do it yourself from the privacy and warm confines of your home, you have to do your research thoroughly regarding the products you are about to use especially if it is your first time to venture into anal bleaching.

Another type of anal bleaching procedure is the laser treatment in which a surgeon is involved. The services of a precision laser are employed so as to rid your skin of the dark layers, revealing a lighter shade of skin. Lastly, the cryosurgery procedure is not too common but is just as effective as the others. Liquid nitrogen is used by a plastic surgeon to kill the darker cells through freezing. With this kind of procedure, it is advised to pay several visits to your surgeon to check on the progress.

How Safe Is It To Perform A Do-it-yourself Anal Bleaching At Home

It is safe as long as you steer clear of harsh bleaching products and stick to the ones your physician prescribed to you. Below are three simple ways to personally bleach your anus.

1. Patch test. Your dermatologist will advise you that any time you wish to try out a new product on your skin, you must apply a small amount so as to know what you are getting yourself into. The region around your anus is no different, you ccream in car ertainly have to perform a patch test too.

2. You can do some bit of preparation on the anus region by cleaning, waxing or even shaving. Exfoliation is said to catalyze the whole process. You can do all these when you are taking your bath.

3. It is now safe to apply the bleaching product prescribed to you by your physician.…

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